Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fast, in a British Way

The Final Cut
By Michael Dobbs

Well, I took a month off from the reading circuit, mainly because I was having trouble finding something good to read after the Century Trilogy. But with The Final Cut, I returned in style, with Book 3 of the series that inspired House of Cards, first on the BBC and then on Netflix in the US. Pity I couldn't get hold of the first two books, but it's not hard to pick up the story.

The book is very fast-paced, with developments happening on virtually every page, but with a British sort of niceness to it - long discussions on manners, etiquette, procedure etc. Scenes from the House of Commons also represent a rather, well... boring scene, despite the writer's best attempts to make it sound exciting. Nonetheless, the book does end on an explosive note, some would even say inspirational. A good read for a slow day. 

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