Thursday, June 18, 2015

On the Myanmar Operation

Last week, the Indian Army undertook a rare cross-border operation slightly into the territory of neighboring Myanmar to break camps of various insurgent groups in the area that just a few days before killed several Indian soldiers in Manipur, the deadliest attack. The operation was conducted with excellent coordination between the Army, the Air Force, the MoD, the MEA and all under the constant supervision of the PMO, a feat that in itself is quite a surprise for those who are aware of the very poor coordination between branches of the Union Government. As with every covert operation, the aim was not so much as total military victory (there are still many insurgent camps in the area and this operation only took down the most immediate danger) but to send a message. And it certainly reached the intended audience, loud and clear.

Why was this operation so desperately needed? Because, in the eyes of the entire world, India had become a soft state, all talk and no show. Nobody wants to fight a full-blown war with India because they know that, below the nuclear threshold, India would lose very quickly. The Armed Forces are a complete mess, with the IAF steadily losing squadrons to accidents and age. AK Anthony's disastrous decade as Defense Minister saw everything from 26/11 to the expansion of the Maoist insurgency. It can never be forgotten in Indian minds that the most spectacular terrorist attacks on our soil, including 26/11 and the Mumbai Local Train blasts, remain open to investigations that are going nowhere, with the perpetrators safely ensconced in Pakistan and using Bangaldesh and Nepal as their bases. Indeed, India had become the punching bag of the world, with soldiers being beheaded and civilians being killed by the hundreds as a mute Prime Minister made empty statements of condemnation.

The important message that the Myanmar Operation sent to India's neighbors and indeed, to its own people, is that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India will no longer be a punching bag with a disposable civilian and military population. As the Defense Minister rightly said, we do not maintain such a large military to preach peace. The message was heard most clearly in Pakistan, where the entire leadership scrambled for cover. Certainly, the message was received at the correct address.

The only people in India who seem to be unhappy with the whole affair is the Modi-hating tribe of Leftists, who are good for just about nothing. From being anit-Modi, they have swiftly turned anti-India. Therefore, when America was attacked, they celebrated its global crackdown on terrorism; Osama bin Laden's assassination in a covert operation in Pakistan by the US was shown as a great achievement by Obama. And yet, when India is attacked, they believe we should continue to cower down and pay obeisance to our neighbors who would want our destruction. A covert operation by Obama is a matter of celebration, one by Modi is a disgrace. These Leftists are a great disgrace unto the country, if it were up to them, India would have become another Tibet, a defeated, conquered and subjugated people, a civilization that was lost to internal bickering and unending dithering. Fortunately, we have a Prime Minister who is neither ashamed of India's military not afraid to use it when the need arises, one who is in complete control of the government to make it deliver. Truly, 2014 saved India. 

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