Monday, June 29, 2015

Poor Bobby Jindal

Last week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal became the 13th Republican to cast his boat into the choppy waters of the 2016 Presidential elections, aiming for the Republican ticket. It is becoming an increasingly crowded ticket, although Jeb Bush appears to have an edge on account of his excellent political connections, no doubt as a result of his glorious family. Of course, without a single debate having taken place, all this is just in the realm of speculation.

However, when it comes to Bobby Jindal, the stacks seem to clearly decked against him. It wasn't always like this - mere months ago he was a party favorite. All that crumbled rather spectacularly with his recent handling of the session of the Louisiana Legislature. He has become deeply unpopular in his own state, being seen as having poorly managed the economy and even more seriously, using state machinery to push his own national ambitions. To the Louisiana voter, it seems that he took them for a ride for personal political benefit.

On the issue of immigration in particular, Jindal is seen as being a hypocrite, himself being a son of Indian immigrants and yet fiercely opposing immigration. While it is understandable that he would rather be seen as American and not Indian-American, it is a fact that he has used Indian-American funding groups when he needed them. For the Indian-American community, it seems, it is better to support a bad candidate who is 'one of their own' than support a good one who is not (caste system in the New World, basically). In India, he has become extremely unpopular for denying the inherent Indian feeling of being superior beings, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Poor Bobby Jindal. Hated in the home he had. Hated in the home he could've had. 

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