Saturday, July 18, 2015

Full of Trash

Network 18's online opinions site Firstpost was never really known for any substantive information. You have there bankers pretending to be geostrategic experts, out-of-work JNU graduates acting like five-star activists, and much more. It is not unknown that Firstpost exists to propagate a view. Before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, that view was that Modi must be PM at all costs - and its so-called opinions were made accordingly. Now, it is known that network 18's owner is not particularly pleased at Modi having ended the influence peddling that was rampant in the UPA regimes. Thus, Firstpost turned into an anti-Modi website, almost overnight really, with some editorial changes (placement season at JNU?).

This was OK initially. Everyone has a right to their views, and PM Modi is no stranger to unfair media persecution. The articles themselves were scathing but reasonable in their approach. But having an agenda is always a slippery slope and it takes good brains to keep from falling into the cesspool of third-rate 'journalism' that agenda-driven news always falls into. You see, news is supposed to be organic, evolving with human activity. Ideally, there is no need to manufacture news, because it is always happening and there is never a shortage of it. But when the agenda is to manufacture news and not report it, there is definitely a shortage, especially given that the agenda is against a PM who remains very popular despite every attempt by the Left-Liberal media to tarnish him for over a decade now.

Recently, Firstpost showed exactly why hiring amateurs to push their agenda can fire back at them. They published a caustic piece, comparing Salman Khan's recent masala movie Bajrangi Bhaijan to some Hindu male-RSS-BJP-Nazi-Fascist-Zionist-... (you get the picture) plot to wipe out people's brain cells. The fact that this is not nearly Salman Khan's first or even last masala movie, and that it sells much more than Firstpost can ever hope to make, didn't come in the way of the manufactured narrative of some Hindutva takeover of a country that is 80% Hindu. The article - diatribe, rather - was laughable in that the desperation of the writer to push their agenda was so clear and so badly executed. At least 'news' portals like the Indian Express make their lies sound like facts, Firstpost doesn't even try, ending up looking like Faking News on steroids (and a lot of them, at that).

The bottom line, as one writer put it so well, is that the Left-Liberal establishment that has sucked the Indian state dry of its money, history, confidence and entrepreneurial skills was never ready for a prolonged spell of Narendra Modi as PM. They fully expected him to fall from grace quickly and for fresh elections to anoint their messiah Rahul Gandhi as PM before he turned 44. It only goes to show how far removed from reality they are, with Modi firmly the PM for another four years with his rock-solid, one-party Lok Sabha majority, and an energy and determination that makes him extremely popular in the country. In failing to counter him with facts and resorting to histrionics, they are merely exposing their own desperation. 

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