Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Partial Justice

The last one week has been one of high drama (and it's just Wednesday!), from the Gurdaspur terror attack to the death of former President Abdul Kalam to the events around the hanging of Yakub Memon less than an hour ago. Much has happened, and yet there is one common link to them all - the Adarsh Liberals who have clearly shown that their hatred for Prime Minister Narendra Modi far exceeds whatever little love they have for India.

On the Gurdaspur attack, which is being seen as the first ISI-backed operation in Punjab in decades, the Adarsh Liberals were thirsting to know the religion of the terrorist, hoping that it would be Sikh or Hindu so that they could target the entire religion. Unfortunately for them, initial reports seem to point out that they were Muslims, Pakistanis to be precise (at least going by their GPS records), at which point it went back to 'terrorism has no religion'.

On the tragic death of Dr. Kalam that saw Indians of all shades grieving at the death of one of the most popular Presidents India has ever had, the Adarsh Liberals were quick to bring up his religion and - strangely - debunk it. It is no secret that the Missile Man of India was in complete agreement with the right wing idea (fact?) that India has been the target of repeated invasions for thousands of years and that would finally come to an end once we acquired nuclear weapons. For Adarsh Liberals, who feel India was created in 1947 as a European outpost, such talk is blasphemy and they were quick to pain him as some Hindutva icon. No doubt this was backed by the Gandhi dynasty, who greatly disliked him and had him succeeded by their lackey, Pratibha Patil, who shamed the office.

And finally, the hanging of Yakub Memon saw an unprecedented outpouring of support for the terrorist who was part of the plot (with brother Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim) to murder hundreds of innocent people in 1993 in Bombay. Among more civilized people, such a man would've been lynched, but among the Adarsh Liberals who are comfortably ensconced in JNU, the death of a few natives doesn't matter in their larger project of staying in power. And thus the shameless minority appeasement continued, virtually overturning their own principle that terrorism has no religion (which is anyway used very selectively), claiming that Muslims would feel alienated if a mass murderer who also happened to be Muslim was executed. And remember, Memon was not lynched, he was given an unprecedented number of opportunities to use the law to defend himself, including a first-ever hearing at 2:00 AM on the day he died. And thus, to save him, the Adarsh Liberals dragged out everything they had, from Partition to the 2002 riots to Kashmir; it was a bloody war they waged and lost wholly.

In the end however, partial justice was served and the fact that these Adarsh Liberals are far removed from reality exposed like never before. While the investigation of the Gurdaspur attack is still on, the death of Kalam has been mourned by all irrespective of religion, for he was a unifying figure that the left liberals could never create. Yakub Memon is dead, hanged by law after an exhaustive due process, and while his death only partially brings justice to the victims of 1993, it is a beginning. Indians have lost and gained much this week. The only ones to lose everything were the shameless Adarsh Liberals. 

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