Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Power of Science

The world today, through the brilliant scientists and engineers at NASA, got its first glimpse of Pluto, that far away member (?) of our Solar System that has long-remained a pixelated blob in our minds. No more. The earliest results from the New Horizons that NASA has shared show an icy surface that has a surprising set of mountains and ridges in it, unlike what is usually expected of bodies not protected by Jupiter's gravity from comets and asteroids. 

The pictures are of course an instant hit all over the world, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrating the event.

For humanity, collectively, this just goes to show the power of a few dedicated, very patient people and a lot of very good, sound scientific principles. Pluto brings with it more mysteries about our universe, mysteries that we can only begin to imagine now. Perhaps, a hundred or more years later, we will be able to travel to that distant world. Such is science - anything within the bounds of physical laws is possible!

On a side note, the moon Charon looks conspicuously like the Death Star. Sheer brilliance, even if coincidental!

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