Saturday, August 22, 2015

A New Feat

Yesterday, I finally finished my summer project - ILLI-THERM GUI, a graphical user interface for the ILLI-THERM simulation engine that I had developed last year. While programming is not a big deal, this GUI was different because it boasted of several firsts. Through it, I became proficient in C#, Microsoft's answer to Java that really changed the way I looked at object-oriented programming; where objects were not just part of a program, but a program itself was an object. In addition, I also mastered the WPF technology, which was a big upgrade over Windows Forms, although Microsoft appears to be slowly letting it go in favor of WinRT, which I will also get down to learning eventually.

Writing programs is one thing, but learning a completely new technology that designs interfaces rather than just console applications is quite another. True credit really goes to my middle school computer science teacher who took pains to teach us about algorithms and flow charts before jumping into actual programming (Q-BASIC). Most people I've seen today cannot differentiate between syntax and programming, which is why they find learning a new language an arduous task. In my case, I started learning C#/WPF in March and this project was finished in August - learning, practice and execution all done in six months. This is not hard to do - you just need to do it in the right way.

The GUI was a major deliverable for the project and I'm happy to have done it soon. With new features like the Ribbon, contextual Ribbon Tabs as well as modified listboxes and a partial application of the MVVM pattern, this project really threw open my future. A major achievement indeed. 

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