Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Page-Turner

A Sentimental Traitor
By Michael Dobbs

Yes, another one by Michael Dobbs. Yes, I've said before that his style is very British i.e., loquacious. But I still read his books, because behind the very British requirement to explain a simple thing in the most complicated way possible, lies an excellent writer who has a real story to tell. A Sentimental Traitor is a typical Dobbs novel with too many characters doing too many things at the same time, but at its heart is a thrilling, Orwellian story. In some respects, it warns of the dangers of giving up civil freedoms for the sake of fighting terrorists, and the repugnant role that intelligence agencies play in that.

Although it takes time for the reader to get a hold of all the characters, the book does pick up in the middle and turns into a real page-turner towards the end, when the protagonists finally seem to find their antagonist, who doesn't really try very hard to hide herself, possibly due to her supremely misplace confidence in her safety. Enough said! 

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