Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maybe a mistake?

It's just about a month into the new semester and it's already agonizing. While it is true that I had taken three courses plus research before, this time it seems to be much worse than I remember it. One reason if of course my ME 404 course, the first in a long line of courses that I hope to take in the Mechanical Engineering Department. This is an extremely interesting but difficult course, taking 15-20 hours a week for homework and lectures, which obviously puts the rest of my schedule under severe strain (as is evident by the decline in the number of blogposts!).

But ME 404 is not the only problem. CEE 508 is proving to be a thoroughly mismanaged course, as a result of which it oscillates between virtually being non-existent to almost breaking my schedule. The only silver lining must be CEE 408 which, though boring, is pretty straightforward and extremely well-managed. Well, hopefully it stays that way. Research is the double whammy, as I worry about how I would master CFD and complete my PhD with barely enough time to write and read papers. Add to the fact that I have to give time to an undergraduate every week, and the stress is apparent.

Perhaps it was a mistake to have taken three courses then. Foolhardiness would be the right term. The real question is - what should I do now? Quit while I'm ahead, or soldier on? 

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