Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Enviable Charlie Puth

Yes, this is the same skinny guy who made those covers on YouTube with the monkey cap on. He's soon to release his new album Nine Track Mind after his song with Wiz Khalifa, See You Again, for the Furious 7 movie, unseated Uptown Funk from the top of the charts and remains in the Top 20. Charlie Puth, in many ways, represents the American dream for many people: he kept doing what he loved to (no doubt with little remuneration aside from some cheering fans in Boston) until he finally made it. And this album is coming out while he's still in his mid-20s, a great feat for someone so very young.

The nice thing about the songs he's released so far is that they largely remain true to his style - thoughtful, calm music with his signature crescendos. One hope he doesn't go the way of Taylor Swift and change his style, but that is his (and his producers') choice. Till then, we can enjoy his latest One Call Away, which is sure to be received well.

Will he disappear after this album? Most likely - most do. But we hope not - he's really very good! 

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