Monday, September 21, 2015

Who won the #GOPDebate?

As the dust settles over the second debate between the Republican Presidential candidates at the Reagan Library, conducted by CNN, the question looms as to who won the debate. For some reason, the Conservative media seems to think Trump won the debate; I disagree. I think the winner was Carly Fiorina. While the purpose of a debate is to inform voters about the candidates, it is also a tool to magnify your message. And in that respect, Fiorina did well while Trump did just about nothing (possibly because he didn't need to). In particular, her emotional appeal against recreational marijuana was impressive.

The clear loser was apparent though - Jeb Bush. The former forerunner and establishment favorite was absolutely boring and further cemented his position as a lackluster candidate that DC politicians are trying to stuff down the throats of others. If Bush is serious, he needs to ramp up his act. If the CNN debate was anything to go by, his future seems bleak. 

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