Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Tale of Boredom and Stuff

SENN (2013)

Produced By: Josh Feldman, Britton Watkins
Director: Josh Feldman
Starring: Zach Eulberg, Lauren Taylor, Taylor Lambert, Wylie Herman and others
Pros: Intriguing story
Cons: Slow, poor storyline, irritating music, and everything else was pretty bad too
Rating: * of 5 (1 of 5)

It was Halloween, so I thought I should watch a science fiction film for the occasion. Because most of the popular movies tend to bore me greatly (Gravity being the most recent example), I decided to try an 'artsy' movie that was made on a shoestring budget. And that's how I ended up watching Senn (plus it sounded similar to my name). And I do regret it - not that it was all bad, but most of it was. The premise of Senn is actually pretty good, but a premise makes a couple of pages in a script. The rest seemed to have been either made up in a hurry or worse, on the fly.

Most of the movie happens on a bed. Yes, the main characters are mostly sleeping or, when they're walking around aimlessly, they do so in a seemingly endless supply of new clothing. Which is strange, considering they are on an alien ship. But if this movie looked into details, it would've been so much better. Creating a fancy new script to depict an alien world is one thing, and putting in enough details to make it coherent is quite another. And while I understand the limitations of a budget, this movie actually overdid the special effects, again reflecting a lack of subtlety on the part of the director. Add to that a bad storyline and background score, and it was a long journey downhill.

Except for the premise itself. That might actually make for an interesting sci-fi novel. But a good story can only get you so far - Senn had 1,041 light years to go! (OTFS)

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