Saturday, October 10, 2015

Thank You, Nayantara Sahgal

Noted writer and Sahitya Akademi member Nayantara Sahgal started off a deluge of sorts of recipients of the Sahitya Akademi award returning their awards over the tragic lynching of a man in UP for allegedly consuming beef. Following Sahgal, many more writers and poets, some noted and most sundry, have returned their awards for the same reason. However, this is actually a blessing for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is being blamed (as always) by leftists, conveniently bypassing Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav under whom law and order in UP has been on a downward slope for a long time, and the Congress party, which initiated the banning of cow slaughter and indeed, put it in the Constitution (a fact conveniently forgotten by leftists who otherwise claim great love for the document).

They say that when a ship is sinking, the rats run away first. This is precisely what is happening. The army of leftists who have grown accustomed to suckling off the udders of the socialist state, courtesy the Congress party and its first family, are deeply worried that Narendra Modi is undoing the system that they ruled over, a system that humiliated conservative Hindus for being themselves while keeping the poor, desperately poor and at the beck and call of a a massive state. Modi is not Vajpayee and he is not interested in keeping the status quo and unknowingly allowed the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty's structure (what I call the 'Deep Congress') to remain intact and ready to destroy him. If the fact that Sahgal is related to this dynasty directly is lost on the die-hard supporters of the party, then her declaration that the only reason she chose to return her award for the Dadri Lynching, and not the any of the countless communal tragedies that have happened before, is because the current government if a 'Hindutva' one, which is code for Narendra Modi. Human tragedy is not the point at all here, it is purely political.

It is therefore a great victory for Modi that these rats are jumping ship - clearly he is doing something right against them! Moreover, it gives a chance for people to see for themselves the sort of leeches that the Congress has cultivated and those who have been sucking the Indian taxpayer. Instead of having to go through the arduous trials of due process, they have pleaded guilty by themselves. And what does that amount to? Modi may or may not win in 2019, but the Indian right is on the ascendancy. The Congress knows this, which is why it is using its proxies in this incident instead of taking it on directly; it is also why Rahul Gandhi's puppet masters have been trying to cultivate his latest soft Hindutva image (in an echo of his father). By disrobing themselves such, the right wing will know its enemies and, at the opportune time, it will strike. The greatest power of a massive leftist state is its ability to maintain secrets - that is being eroded. Indian philosophy says that victory and defeat happen in cycles, one must learn to gain from both of them. That is exactly what the Indian right is doing, whether one calls it victory or defeat.

And therefore, Nayantara Sahgal deserves a big thanks from the right wing for initiating this mass disclosure of loyalties. Only Pakistan has been able to do this before. 

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