Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How wrong we were

On May 16, 2014, to quote one article, 'the British finally left India'. With the BJP under Narendra Modi winning its first Parliamentary majority, free from all so-called coalition compulsions that saw Manmohan Singh lead the most corrupt government in history, we thought that finally, we could leave the Nehruvian state behind. We were absolutely mistaken. As the expected series of riots failed to materialize, Leftists and Congress lackeys started manufacturing their own, assisted by a pliant media, to look for every little incident, every little word, and blow it up out of proportion. Oh no, the British never left. They are here, they are alive and they are kicking.

But then, the very idea that Modi had vanquished them was silly, even too hopeful. And why not? After 60 years of persecution at the hands of Leftists, the right wing had finally emerged victorious in such a spectacular fashion, and they lost sight of the fact that the enemy was wounded and down, but not nearly out. They regrouped and tasted blood in Delhi, and now their sights are on the elections in Bihar. Hoping to ride a Lalu Yadav wave, with Nitish as merely a mask, these forces seek to undo everything that May 16, 2014 stood for: a return to fanning minority communalism for votes, a return to making caste the central template of governance, and a return to economic backwardness that has held India.

The Bihar elections and the entire gamut of shenanigans that have taken place in it should serve as a warning to the right wing: having tasted victory, we must not become complacent. The enemy is regrouped and in search of new allies, training and waiting for the day to strike. If we are not ready then, we will be subject to a fate much worse than what was seen hitherto. 

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