Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Return of the Intellectuals

A few dozen Hispanic 'intellectuals' released an open letter calling for Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump to drop out of the race, hurling a series of accusations against him, everything from being racist to sexist. It was bound to happen as Trump's popularity soared and the usual method of politics seem to bounce off him - indeed, he made such slander from politicians his strength to show how hated he was within the DC establishment. So now it's time for Plan B - the intellectuals.

In the Leftist world, the intellectual is a funny creature. Technically, they should not exist, because they don't really contribute to the world in material terms. But in order to make lesser mortals of the utopian equal society understand their role in the great machine of the state, you need some people to generate the propaganda. Obfuscation and lies are not for the weak-minded: it takes a great gift to make so much slander up. And indeed, these intellectuals are no doubt gifted - they are professors, researchers, and administrators, and should be listened to in their respective fields.

The problem is when they try to project their expertise to areas where they are not experts. This is in effect a leverage: they are trying to use the respect from one field to make up for the lack of respect in another; immigration, in this case. For, if they really looked at what Trump was saying, it would be clear that he agrees with them on the role of Mexicans - but he wants them to come in legally. As recently as the CNBC GOP debate, Trump has gone to great lengths to explain that he would be happy to welcome in the workers that the American economy required - but legally. The millions he would throw out, or would like to in any case, could come back, but legally. In effect, Trump wants to fix the immigration problem without creating new ones - which is far more than can be said for the Democrats or even some Republicans.

And while Trump does appear to be sexist, it is not entirely wrong for him to claim that there is no point being politically correct. In any case, the President of the US is not supposed to be a conscience keeper (otherwise how was Andrew Jackson ever elected?), but a leader who can take tough, even unpopular, decisions. The President is also human and will come with their defects, and it is up to Congress and the American people to stop him if he errs (or she, if that's the case). This an election to elect a leader, and not a saint.

Although, leadership is where Trump probably lacks the most. Which is why this whole episode is way off the point. But why let facts come in the way of some good old outrage? 

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