Monday, November 30, 2015

What's with Tipu Jayanti?

Karnataka CM Siddharamaiah, one of the worst CMs in the history of the state, has recently set off a storm by 'celebrating' Tipu Jayanti in honor of the late Islamist tyrant who murdered and converted millions of people in the Mysore region until he was stopped by the British (who later took up his work for him). The inspiration for this celebration of a medieval jihadist is not clear, and even the usual accusations of minority appeasement seem hard to digest. The answer, perhaps, lies in the Idea of India syndrome that the CM clearly has.

It is strange that leftists such as Girish Karnad seem to find an unusual pleasure in celebrating such mass murderers, in the process whitewashing their sins and rewriting history, but would prefer to totally ignore national icons who have truly contributed to the nation. When this strange syndrome mixes with religion, it becomes even stranger, for it seems only Islamic tyrants who ravaged the local Hindu populations are ever celebrated, with more moderate saints, philosophers and even scientists discarded as pseudo-Muslims!

It is in this context that Tipu Jayanti seems to have been 'celebrated'. This is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it enrages the Hindu population to see a genocidal bigot receiving taxpayer-sponsored paeans, and on the other it paints the entire Muslim population as being of the same ilk. In effect, it is the worst kind of discrimination possible, all to please just a handful of politically-powerful mullahs. What a shame! 

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