Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Strange Merger

This week, The New York Times contained a fascinating opinion piece about a strange phenomenon that has been happening across the world: the marriage between the so-called Liberal-Left (a mafia, if ever) and radical Islam. It seems strange that an ideology such as that adopted by the Left, which usually abhors religion, whether in public or in private life, can marry an ideology that lifts itself directly from a medieval interpretation of an Arabian religion. But then, the two do have one thing in common - they spread violence and death wherever they go, and eventually take people backward.

A cursory look at the world today will show that, even more than ordinary Muslims themselves, non-Muslim Leftists are vociferous in defending Islam, which is fine, except that they bring their characteristic shrillness to the debate and thus block out all debate. In a typical discussion with Leftists, it is impossible to use normal language, and you are forced to look at the issue from the typical majority-minority matrix that their language is created to capture. Therefore, Islamic extremism is justified on the grounds of them being a harassed minority, never mind the fact that most of these radicals come from so-called Islamic republics where minorities are accorded second-class status, by law.

And this is not the worst of it. The Left has so fully absorbed radical Islam that any discussion on reforming Islam is out of the question. Christianity and Hinduism both went through periods when old practices and customs that have no place in a modern society were exorcised - and the world is better off. But any attempt to even talk about reforming Islam is immediately labelled racist, Islamophobic, and other such insults. Therefore, mullahs getting together to condemn ISIS is great, but Muslims speaking out against elements of Sharia law that give women an unequal status are not real Muslims. At this point of time, in fact, it seems a real Muslim has to be Leftist, which is to say, a hypocrite. A classic example is Shashi Tharoor, who initially objected to the fact that PM Modi didn't seem to visit any Islamic country, and when he did go to Central Asia, that was set aside because those were secular republics and hence, not really Muslim!

The problem with Leftists, of course, is that they are too tightly held in the comforts of modern capitalism to stop and listen to themselves. No wonder that Leftists prefer to vitiate universities around the world, which taxpayers support because they see education as a necessity. The greatest tragedy since World War II has been the Leftist takeover of discussion and academic spaces, closing them off to reason and debate. And now it seems, in their quest for their utopian society, they are willing to join hands with the most dangerous ideology in the world today. 

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