Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hypocrisy in full glory

Last week, India saw one of the most brazen displays of radical Islam in recent memory. Kamlesh Tiwari, a hitherto unknown local politician in UP, for reasons best known to him, 'released' a press statement (presumably of his own volition) calling the Prophet Muhammad the world's first homosexual. Of course, this is a bizarre, untrue and baseless claim, for both the hypotheses. It's as good as asking which engineering college Ram studied in, wherein the question itself says more than it asks. And as the innumerable statements, movies, and documentaries against Hindu gods have shown, it should've just been ignored or met with at most some placards and small crowds of protesters. That is secular India.

Oh, wait. It was met with a crowd of 100,000 people, calling for Tiwari to be beheaded for blasphemy (as required by Shari'a), and shouting pro-ISIS slogans (although they are all quite free to emigrate to the ISIS caliphate). And it also met with deafening silence from the Liberal-Left who have been crying themselves hoarse about so-called rising intolerance in India. Aamir Khan, who recently used his freedom of speech to say that he wanted to leave the country, chose not to say anything - not even to defend Tiwari's own freedom of speech (however much he might have disagree with it). Liberals across the Internet who kept insisting that freedom of speech must be protected at all costs (from Modi, of course) had absolutely nothing to say about this blatant attack on that very freedom.

And the funny thing is, all of this was so simple. As Taslima Nasreen and Tarek Fatah have been saying, and as the social media has been pointing out, the entire Left-Liberal ecosystem, with the Deep Congress at its core, is extremely pro-Islamist, and its calls for tolerance are essentially to manufacture fear in minorities (Muslims mainly) to milk them for even more votes. @TheJaggi has also been pointing out the fact that the entire ecosystem right from Independence has been using secularism to fan minority communalism - the results of which we saw last week (and indeed before, with the funeral of Yakub Memon). And this whole incident with Kamlesh Tiwari just served to demonstrate the total hypocrisy with which the Deep Congress uses the term 'secularism'. It was extraordinarily easy - a simple thought experiment could've predicted this result!

Perhaps the greatest achievement in all this is that the whole 'rising intolerance' debate has been nipped in the bud. The right wing simply needs to compare the response to Aamir Khan and to Kamlesh Tiwari, and there ends the entire debate as to who is tolerant and who is not. Disagreeing with someone and saying so in public is called democracy - calling for them to be beheaded is called terrorism. The Deep Congress, in its visceral hatred for Modi, has virtually opened the doors for ISIS to enter India by not speaking out against the protesters.

In 2014, I had predicted that the Congress, by being the chief peddler of the two-nation theory after the Muslim League left for Pakistan, is setting the stage for another partition or a bloody civil war in the country. It seems there is a third option - a protracted war with ISIS, with the soldiers being those very secular two-nation theorists. In its quest for power, the Congress and its allied Deep Congress are clearly willing to destroy India. Again. 

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