Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Resolution - 2016

It's already New Year's Day in most of the inhabited parts of the world, although it's a sunny, cold afternoon in the Midwest (and that is not an oxymoron in these parts!). But since my timeline is full of people wishing me a Happy New Year, from various timezones, I might as well put up the traditional list of resolutions. I know, most resolutions never happen, and the biggest one I had for last year - buying a car - never happened, courtesy a disastrous Fall semester (that did end with a perfect 4.0 GPA though).

But then, it's a new year, full of new hopes, so who cares what I say? So here goes: my resolutions! Losing weight, obviously, since that is the most common resolution of all! I reached my lowest in 10 years this year, which is a very special achievement, but I also fell off that. So just getting back to the un-name-able number will work for me - and I'm not too far off. As a renewal from last year, buying a car is again a target, and this time by summer.

Then there are the resolutions for research. It's very hard to keep those because of the uncertainty, but I do hope to publish my first journal paper this year. In addition, I need to break free of the MS shadow and really master CFD for research. I therefore resolve to do at least one simulation this year - that's more of a guarantee really! I also hope to pass my qualifying exam this year, though I have no idea when the department will hold that. I also look forward to being a TA this year, the first time I'll be on the other side of the classroom, and I hope - resolve - to do well, and do it honestly, no matter what it takes.

What else? Friends? Relationships? Social activities? I don't see the point in 'resolving' to do anything there - I just hope to not spend rashly, that's all. Yes, I do hope not to repeat this year's lowest-ever blog post count, and make the 10th year a memorable one on OTFS.

And thus ends a very momentous year. 

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