Monday, December 7, 2015

Not so glamorous travel

Last week, I had the misfortune of having to make International travel in the first snow storm of the season in Chicago. Bad idea. Snow as certainly in the prediction, but almost all forecasters missed the severity. And perhaps that's a good thing, because otherwise I'd have had my flight cancelled. However, while the flight did take off eventually, it included waiting for five hours inside the aircraft, which as you can imagine, is quite uncomfortable. But that's not all, for this was international travel.

Following a five hour delay and a thirteen hour flight, the plane landed in Abu Dhabi having long missed the connecting flight to Mumbai. And so I had to wait several hours more at the airport. This was significantly better though, since I ended up with some friends stuck at the same airport.

Having also missed my connecting flight to Hyderabad, I had to wait four hours after being probably the first person to check in to the Air India flight at Mumbai airport. The new T2 there is gorgeous and I spent the four hours exploring the place, but I was tired, unwashed and extremely irritated. Having finally arrived at Hyderabad hours later, it was another 30 min in the line for the taxis and an hour's drive home.

So over 48 hours after I left from Champaign, I reached home. And that's how international travel is - it sounds very glamorous, but it's mostly a lot of waiting and smelling bad.

So being stuck in an airport for a couple of hours wasn't that bad, thanks to people who randomly landed up at the same airport!
Posted by Sushobhan Sen on Sunday, 22 November 2015


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