Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Time for Trump to go

Donald Trump has always been a controversial figure, even before he joined the current Republican Presidential primary race. A businessmen who made a lot of things his own business, Trump has never been afraid to walk into controversies and express his mind. Indeed, one of the most endearing characteristics of his during this season has been his rejection of the Left-Liberal political consensus, or what is often called "political correctness." But what seemed to be brute honesty has gone too far, for it is now unveiled bigotry of a kind that no civilized society should be willing to accept.

The last straw was obviously his calling for a religious test for immigration or even tourism for that matter. Of course, it really began with his 'agreeing' to a suggestion from a baiting reporter that American Muslims should register themselves (with Twitter derisively asking him if they should wear markers on their clothing like the Jews in Nazi Germany). That incident, although highly inappropriate, might be exorcised away by blaming the reporter who was clearly looking for a soundbite. But his calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the US for any reasons whatsoever is too much.

As Speaker Ryan put it rightly - this is not conservatism. Stratifying people on any basis and painting everyone with the same brush, essentially removing the individual from the person, is what the Left does, not the Right. Of course, it is no coincidence that Trump's plan for a wall eerily reminds you of the Berlin Wall conceived and implemented by the Soviet-backed dictatorship in East Germany. His entire agenda has been extremely Left-wing, with a few peanuts thrown in for free enterprise (which he would only support as long as it suits him) and religious conservatives, whom he has very little respect for but knows must pander to. For the Constitution of the United States, Trump has the least respect of all. Most of his ideas would be unconstitutional, and it is a nightmare to even imagine what President Trump might do if the courts show him the door.

Enough is enough. This is a race for the President of the United States who has to uphold the Constitution. It has to be based on reason. And while some hyperbole is certainly expected in political campaigns, in Trump's case, it has reached bizarre levels. And that is hurting the entire Republican party. Latinos, Muslims, women, blacks... it seems Trump is determined to demonize all of them, with just about nobody left to vote for him. The Republicans should avoid putting people into these artificial boxes, not just by opposing the Left but by also the likes of Trump within their own ranks (if he ever was).

If the Right is going to start labeling people and not respecting individuals, there is no point having them. We might as well Heil Hillary. 

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