Sunday, January 3, 2016

An excellent performance


Produced By: HBO Films, BBC, and others
Director: Frank Pierson
Starring: Kenneth Branagh, Stanley Tucchi, Barnaby Kay, and others
Pros: Excellent story, great acting
Cons: Slow, requires some historical background
Rating: *** of 5 (3 of 5)

On the scale of Nazi movies, this one is a little low, certainly not in the league of a Schindler's List. But then, Conspiracy is more of a TV documentary than a movie, so it could not have the entertaining nature of Schindler's List. However, that does not make it boring - it's more of a cross between Valkyrie and 12 Angry Men.

The story, for history buffs, is all that the movie really offers, aside from a brilliant performance by Stanley Tucchi as the bureaucratic mass murderer, Adolf Eichmann. The movie is as accurate as could be from the recreated minutes of the infamous Wanasee conference that settled the 'final solution to the Jewish question in Europe.' The thought that went into the Nazi-directed holocaust of Jews and the key players, led by the all-powerful SS that could overrule even the Wermacht and the civilian bureaucracy on such issues, was made abundantly clearly through the story itself. In it, we could see a view into the workings of Nazi Germany.

Some viewers may find the movie to be slow, with too many breaks being taken; they are correct, but that could be forgiven for the fact that it had to be historically accurate, almost to a fault. Furthermore, the outcome was already known to those who know their history; to the rest, it can be a little pointless, which is also a fault. Overall though, it was a good watch for history lovers as well as those who would simply like to know more. (OTFS)

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