Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Exciting Week Ahead

Next week, I'll be heading out to the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, the 'Festival of Transportation,' as a former professor of mine had described it. It will be my second time attending the big event, and I am both excited and nervous. Excited, of course, to be attending such a great event, with great presentations, posters, and meetings. I look forward to meeting some old conference friends and seeing the beautiful city of Washington, DC again.

But there is nervousness. I was disappointed that my paper was rejected for extremely bureaucratic reasons (sent to the wrong committee, by a mile), but now I have a presentation at a committee meeting. Which is actually scarier, because it is a more informal, cosy setting, where I can really get grilled. Most presentations I've given has been to audiences with very little knowledge of what I'm doing, but this is going to be in front of a committee that knows exactly what I'm doing, in fact it exists because of the topic that I'm working on. So this will have to be a very good performance.

This time, I've actually bought some cards for myself. I skipped it last year, expecting that nobody would ask for the card of some MS student. I was so wrong! This time, I'm prepared, although I have a sinking feeling that it won't be necessary. There's some new stuff this year - I will NOT wear jeans in the conference center (I promise) and I look forward to attending the "21st Century Concrete Pavement Researcher" dinner (it exists).

To a wonderful year ahead, at #TRB #AM2016.

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