Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to milk a suicide

Little did the dust of Pathankot and the Malda riots rest that the anti-national Left and the Deep Congress have found a new lease of life in the suicide of PhD student and Naxal supporter Rohith Vemula, this time in Hyderabad, that center of terrorist activities in India. The 'student' was clearly part of the radical left, represented by AISA, that has taken grip of college campuses across the country, spreading a radical, communist agenda that seeks to establish a Communist state in India. He was at the forefront of the shocking pro-Yakub Memon protests, thus lending support to a convicted terrorist and mass murderer. If reports are to be believed, his Facebook wall was littered with anti-Hindu hatred and hopes for the dismemberment of the Indian Union. He participated in pummeling an ABVP student for political vengeance.

Hardly a student of science, if you ask me. And yet, his suicide note, assuming it was written by him, paints a somewhat different picture - one of repent. For, all his anger that was channeled by the radical left, he seemed to have realized what a ride he was being taken for. His lament that individuals have been reduced to the nearest identity is a scathing attack on the Left, which does not even believe in the concept of an individual but only that of communities at constant war with each other. He seems to have realized that he was with the wrong company who fooled him into believing that they shared with ideas, whereas they had far more radical ideas and merely wanted him to do their bidding.

Ironically, after his death, he has become the poster boy of everything that he lamented against! He is no longer a science student who committed suicide - he is a Dalit who was killed by the RSS. This gem of a leap of logic came from the so-called harbingers of secularism, who have made haste to feed upon the dead carcass of the lad to score political brownie points. This has to be the height of shamelessness, to use a suicide on a college campus to further a political agenda, but it seems ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the BJP to its historic victory in 2014, all civilities have been set aside by his opponents. What a shame. 

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