Sunday, January 24, 2016

More of the same


Produced By: Viacom 18
Director: Luv Ranjan
Starring: Nushrat Bharucha, Omkar Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan, Sunny Singh Nijjar and others
Pros: Very entertaining, decent music
Cons: Winding story, unrealistic
Rating: *** of 5 (3 of 5)

With Pyaar ka Punchnama, Luv Ranjan became the sworn enemy of all femi-nazis, a certified misogynist and andro-supremacist. He decided to fire back, in style, with this second offering that is not really a sequel, but just an alternative story... rather, a rehash of the old one. But what the hey? In these politically correct times, when the Left is ready to attack anybody that they disagree with, it's nice to have a movie that is ready to stand out like a sore thumb and show us the other side of life - life in Delhi, anyway.

First and foremost, PKP2 is not meant to be a Aamir Khan-esque preachy tale - it is a piece of entertaining fiction, to the point that it is pretty unrealistic. It has huge dollops of sexy bodies, although they somewhat lacked in acting skills, perfect for the modern Bollywood movie. And it did deliver on its intended ambition - it was quite entertaining, including a rehash of the old anti-women rant (although it did seem a little forced this time; it probably was). The problem is that the director seemed confused whether he should use the old story or a new one, and finally came up with a long, winding meld of the two. At over 2 hours in length, it was very long, although it did manage to keep my attention for the most part. A few decent music scores were placed at the right time, although they did not really complement the movie.

Overall, a decent movie for everyone to watch (no families, please), unless you expect political correctness as a fundamental right. In that case, you might as well stick to National Geographic. (OTFS)

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