Sunday, January 17, 2016

So very random


Produced By: Dead Leaf Productions
Director: Glenn Payne
Starring: Greg Earnest, Casey Dillard, Sherri Eakin, Michael Ewing, and others
Pros: None
Cons: Too many to list
Rating: Never mind

Every now and then, a reviewer meets their match - a movie so pathetic that they are left quite speechless. Where do they start? Would it be the absolutely incoherent script, clearly a bungled up attempt at a psychological thriller (may Psycho rest in peace)? Or how about the pretty lame acting on the part of all the characters? No? OK, then maybe it's the laughable CGI rocket that was done better in Star Wars: Episode IV a couple of decades ago? You see my point.

Earthrise is based on an interesting premise - a team of humans, now based in Mars for centuries, returns to Earth to help revive a planet that their ancestors ravaged. In the ensuing journey, they go through strange and unexplained hallucinations. And we just watch and hope that it all goes somewhere - which it doesn't. So much for a good story! There wasn't even a good music score to redeem this movie so that I could give it at least one star, it was just extremely bad. The premise was pointless - the exact same story (or lack thereof) could've been supplanted into any other setting.

Needless to say, don't expose yourself to the same horror that I did. (OTFS)

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