Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcoming ISIS to Bengal

The #MaldaRiots in Bengal (and the ensuing silence from the TMC government, the media, and the so-called secular political parties) points to a dangerous trend that augurs badly for the future of the country - the full and complete Islamization of Indian Bengal, reaching the same state as its eastern half. It is not unknown that in India, under the Nehruvian 'idea of India,' minority communalism flourished under the garb of secularism. When that bluff was finally called in 2014, the veil was off. More so than ever before in Bengal.

The Islamization of Bengal has been going on for decades, under both the administration of SS Roy and the brutal semi-dictatorship of the communists. But now, under the TMC, the state seems to be heading to an entirely different level. Bomb blasts happen there ever so often, rioting takes place almost as a matter of routine, sharia zones are established where the local Hindu population cannot observe their rituals... the list goes on, and all the while the Chief Minister does nothing in the hope of winning the minority vote. But vote for what?

In 1947, uncontrolled Islamization of Bengal, encouraged by the British occupiers, led to the Partition of the Bengali people. If something is not done, then a shamelessly opportunistic political class, enabled by a media that is heavily biased and compromised, will divide the country again. Patriotic Indians must come together to oppose this. 

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