Sunday, February 28, 2016

In praise of Smriti Irani

Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani's speech in Parliament on the JNU-HCU issues will go down as one of the most important interventions for the current NDA government. Her fiery speech tilted the scales in favor of the government after months of being bogged down by an energized opposition. This speech had instantly riddled the Deep Congress, with every liberal newspaper and TV channel trying its best to discredit it using all the tools of propaganda available - deception, half-lies, peddling opinion as fact, and much more.

Of course, even before this session of Parliament had started, she made the masterstroke of ordering central universities to fly the Indian tricolor high, a move that forced the Deep Congress to expose itself. If ever there was a good illustration of how Modi haters had become India haters, it was that of a professor from Jadavpur University opposing the move on national TV and being hounded down by everybody for it. It was sheer brilliance that allowed the BJP to take back the narrative after the sordid events at JNU.

Irani has come very far from her 2004 electoral debut, where she was defeated by Kapil Sibal in Chandni Chowk. She has yet to win an election, but her conviction of staying in Rae Bareli has hurt the Gandhi dynasty like never before. In standing up to Rahul Gandhi, she has shown more courage than the entire so-called old guard of the BJP, who allowed the Deep Congress to sink their government in 2004. The political future of many politicians - from Vajpayee to Sushma Swaraj - has been made through extremely good speeches in Parliament. Irani has not joined that elite set, and it sure to have a bright future in the party. 

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