Monday, February 1, 2016

Let the races begin!

As we speak, the 2016 US Presidential race has begun, with primaries and caucuses occupying the next six months running up to the party conventions. Right now, Iowa is voting in its caucus, and with about three quarters of precincts reporting, the results are very surprising. Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders is virtually tying with frontrunner Hillary Clinton in votes, but he still has fewer delegates as it has been virtually reduced to a two-person race. This is surprising, but not unexpected, as Bernie had emerged very strong in recent polls, especially among young voters.

The Republicans have turned up an ever more shocking result right now: Ted Cruz is leading favorite Donald Trump by a substantial figure of votes, although the delegate allocation has not been made yet. If Cruz manages to trump Trump, it would be the biggest upset yet for the businessman who seemed invincible, and indeed, boasted as much. His invincibility lost, he would be forced to give real answers instead of rhetoric, and that would probably be the end of him. Iowa may just turn out to be his Waterloo. And yet, Cruz is quite a difficult candidate for the party, and his election can be troublesome.

The GOP also seems to have another giant killer in Rand Paul, who is beating establishment favorite Jeb Bush 2 to 1 (though both are still at the lower end of the spectrum). Marco Rubio is also pulling way ahead. An exciting night indeed!

Update: O'Malley has dropped out of the race, and Ted Cruz has won Iowa. Trump has faced an earthquake. 

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