Sunday, February 28, 2016

We need to #ShutDownJNU

Recent events in JNU have left most patriotic Indians enraged. As it is, the incident in which Kashmiri separatists-cum-students vowed to fight (with violence) till the destruction of India was an outrage in itself. On top of that, the response of the Deep Congress, pulling out virtually every trick in the book to protect their assets in JNU, has made it abundantly clear that the university now stands much less for Nehru and much more for Jinnah, who had declared that there would either be a divided India or a destroyed India. Furthermore, Nehru's progeny and self-declared torchbearers are at the forefront of this transformation that promises to partition India once again.

It is absolutely necessary that JNU be shut down. Not only is it a cesspool of the radical Left, it does so on an extremely subsidized lifestyle, paid for by the very taxpayers that the students and faculty there use the choicest of derogatory language towards. Of course, there is some good scientific work being done there, and the rot is mainly in the humanities departments. Nonetheless, the good can be taken and shifted elsewhere (a one-time cost). Indeed, one may argue that it should be so, before the rot spreads there too. As Swarajya has meticulously shown, the hold of the radical Left is very strong already, and is bound to hurt the better departments sooner or later.

Shutting down JNU would certainly not end the radical Left. The unholy alliance of separatists, Maoists, anarchists, caste extremist, NGO-mafia et al has converged at several universities. But JNU is the fountainhead, and destroying it would deal a severe blow to the Deep Congress. It would truly represent India's rightward shift, for the better of everyone. 

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