Saturday, March 26, 2016

An Aside

Code to Zero
By Ken Follett

I've read plenty of Ken Follett and by now, I've come to expect a certain style. Slow, yet always progressing ahead on the story, with plenty of asides to keep the reader guessing. All that obviously adds to the sheer volume of reading - all his books that I've read so far have been 1000+ pages. Which is why I was surprised when I picked up Code to Zero from CPL: at under 400 pages, I was afraid that it was an incomplete novel that he had managed to publish nonetheless!

Oh. but I was wrong. This novel is absolutely a departure from his usual style of writing, but it is surprisingly engaging nonetheless. I can't remember devouring a novel of his so fast since Winter of the World! The novel is fast and full of surprise till the very end. And, being set in DC, I could actually remember some of the locations from my previous trips there. Now this novel makes me think that perhaps a writer of historical fiction could try a more, let's say mainstream, genre. 

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