Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Arrest P Chidambaram

Times Now has been doing a stellar job in the past few weeks, ever since convicted terrorist David Headley made his revelations on oath before a court about Ishrat Jahan's role in a plot to assassinate then Chief Minister of Gujarat and now Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. In the face of the Left-Liberal mafia's attempts to discredit the testimony in order to save the crumbling edifice of pseudo-secularism that stood on Jahan's dead body, the channel has revealed some startling revelations about how the Congress-led UPA, with Sonia Gandhi as the de facto dictator, subverted the entire justice system in the country and tried to destroy the IB as well, in order to halt the man who they (rightly) saw as their greatest political challenger.

In the eye of the storm is then Home Minister P Chidambaram, under whose watch it has not been alleged that the Home Ministry was forced to change its affidavit in direct opposition to IB reports. Moreover, the CBI was forced to go after IB officers in a manner that would most certainly compromise national security. And today, a bureaucrat alleged that Chidambaram's cronies in the Ministry tortured him as he was weary of so nonchalantly tearing down the Constitution. In any other country, a man with such allegations would have been facing a lynch mob, but Chidamabaram actually doubled down by questioning the Supreme Court's verdict on Afzal Guru, who was hanged by his own government in a highly shadowy manner that most certainly did run counter to the law.

The case made out thus far is enough to arrest Chidambaram on charges of endangering national security and obstructing justice. Moreover, bureaucrats and CBI officers who acted as his henchmen need to be arrested as well. While the truth can only come out in court, the charges are of a very serious nature, and given the pernicious hold of the Deep Congress, there is every likelihood that he will already be working up the phone lines to save his sorry self.

What is clear, more than ever before, is that Sonia Gandhi's Congress is absolutely willing to partition India in order to make Rahul Gandhi the PM of whatever is left. A great nation, harassed and subverted by the greed of a family. 

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