Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hinduphobia out in the open

The World Culture Festival held last week on the banks of the Yamuna in Delhi was a spectacular event, bringing together thousands of people from across the world in celebration of their culture. It brought together PM Modi, CM Kejriwal, and Pakistani Senator Sherry Rehman. It was a grand celebration of unity - unless you followed it through the mainstream Lutyen's media, in which case it was a capitalist scheme to burn up the river, a Hindu-Jewish assault on secular values, a patriarchal celebration of women being smashed, and whatever else you want it to be. The way the media covered the event, you'd think this was the worst thing to have ever happened in Delhi!

Let's not beat about the bush: the entire narrative was anti-Hindu in nature. All the negative news and the total disregard for the great stuff that was happening there, was yet another sign of just how deeply the English media is controlled by the Deep Congress, who have made a career out of demonizing Hindus, and whose energies are now focused on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and anybody who favors him, including AOL head Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It is quite clear by now that the Deep Congress is willing to rip the country apart to make Rahul Gandhi the PM of whatever is left, and in pursuit of that, they must roll out continuous negative news.

The idea is to create a siege, an emergency-like situation, where none exists. The idea is to make Hindus so extremely demotivated so as to regret the way they united to take the BJP past 272 in May 2014. All the good work that the government has done, just like the good work that WCF did, must be disregarded. The final prize is to install a Gandhi on the throne of Delhi after a quarter of a century, and thus renew the Deep Congress for another generation.

Dream on. 

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