Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trudeau's Trophies

Recently, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, better known as Prince Charming, joked on a visit to the US that he has more Sikhs in his cabinet than Indian PM Narendra Modi, obviously to highlight just how diverse his government is. It was an unknowing showing of Prince Charming's worldview, a view that I would like to call that of a liberal racist. For, it is very clear that he cares about such things: which races he has, the identity of people he endows. He keeps tabs: who has more Sikhs? Who has more women? What are their backgrounds? What is their religion? The color of their skin?

Prince Charming clearly cares about everything but the actual qualifications of his cabinet. Of course, they all have token credentials - a disabled minister, a military veteran - but that's quite secondary to why they were chosen, and probably not even an actual indicator of administrative acumen. Let's be clear - Prince Charming chose them because he believes they are separate peoples, separate nations. He doesn't hate them for that, he actually wants to celebrate their differences. But they are separate all the same. Separate but equal.

If there's any way not to run a country, it is by insisting that it is not really a country, but several nations put together. Trudeau's cabinet reflects just that - a constellation of nations who are clubbed together in a country, separate but equal. And separate they must remain, for if they were to be the same, then the charade would be up, and the embarrassment of choosing people for who they are, and not what they can do, would come out. Prince Charming may be proud of his cabinet, but it is plain old racism in a new, suave form. 

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