Thursday, April 28, 2016

A real page turner!

By Ken Follett

Yes, you guessed right, I'm quite determined to finish everything by Ken Follett that I can get a hold of. It really makes my life easy - I remember the horrible times I've spent wondering which author/genre I should pick up, and whether I would like it or not. Like it or not, library anxiety is a real thing, and having a favorite (temporarily, at least) author who you can latch on to is a wonderful thing. Right now, that's Follett for me (but of course it will change eventually). And so I didn't even have to think too much when I picked up Jackdaws - a World War II spy thriller (aren't those just the best?). And I was indeed vindicated.

Calling this a page-turner may in fact, be an understatement. It was exciting, with just the right number of characters (but on the border of being too many), and followed actual history to the best extent possible for the genre. The author clearly pictured everything in his head, for he used subtleties that the reader could easily have missed to great effect. Suspense was the name of the game, and the ending was explosive. A great read. 

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