Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An unholy alliance

Voters in large swathes of the US on the eastern seaboard as well as the West woke up yesterday to the announcement of a shocking, unholy alliance that smacks of desperation and an agenda to toy with the existing system when it doesn't work. Republican hopefuls John Kasich and Ted Cruz announced an alliance in which the two would fight "friendly contests" in so-called strategic states (which is all of the remaining ones), meaning that they won't campaign against each other in various states. It is eerily similar to the politics of alliances that is seen in Westminster-style democracies, only this time, it is within a single party!

As Donald Trump rightly said, this is the political equivalent of insider trading, and should be a crime. It is an act of sheer desperation after the New York primary that gave Trump a crushing victory and made it clear that neither Cruz not Kasich will be able to stop Trump before the RNC convention in Cleveland. Their hope is to prevent Trump from reaching a majority of delegates, and then using their political muscle to deny him the nomination. This would virtually destroy the Republican party, as it would make it imminently clear that the party leaders stand above the people who make up the party.

It is imminently clear that this election is crucial for the Republican Party. With the demise of Justice Scalia, the balance of the Supreme Court lies in wait, as do major issues the country faces. While Hillary Clinton will certainly offer a very strong challenge, the last thing the Republicans need is to shoot their own base, which is clearly behind Trump by a big margin. Which is why, this Cruz-Kasich alliance is unholy, and directed against the very future of the Party itself. 

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