Saturday, April 16, 2016

Another World

WAKING (2013)

Produced By: 77 Entertainment, Shelton Films, and others
Director: Ben Shelton
Starring: Skyler Caleb, Meg Cionni, Tim Daly, and others
Pros: Good concept, very good cinematography
Cons: Lacks plot and cohesion, bad acting
Rating: ** of 5 (2 of 5)

It seems obvious, but it is not told too often: good stories alone do not make good movies, although they are an essential ingredient to them. Waking is an independent film that suffers from too much of a good story and much too little plot. An idea is bulletproof, but it won't get you through the Box Office, even if it is indie. Of course, the director's good cinematography did help the movie, and the depiction is vivid, a necessary requirement for what is essentially a very non-linear storyline.

However, that's not good enough. There wasn't really a plot, more of an idea and a desperate need to somehow finish the story and be done with it, which further led to lack of cohesion, and an almost excessive dependence on convenient coincidences to push the story through. Couple that with some poor acting on the part of the actors, and it was a recipe for disaster. Not exactly a waste of time, but not the best use of it either, especially given the too-long running time. (OTFS) 

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