Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Better Mamata than Red

As the elections in Bengal progress, it is becoming increasingly clear that it is a farce. The ruling TMC's goons - themselves largely imported from the Left front - have ensured that they win the election by keeping away those who would dare to vote against Mamata Banerjee, who herself made it clear, indirectly, that she controls the entire administration through an army of pliant civil servants, and will have her way. Therefore, the Left-Congress combine should hope for nothing less than Opposition status in the next Assembly. The BJP should not even expect a single MLA.

And yet, all this is actually a necessity - a good, even. The Left must be stopped at all costs from winning back Bengal, their bastion through which they projected their pan-India ideology of death. Leftist ideology has destroyed India, and it is only very recently that we have begun to rebuild. The TMC, while more far Left than the Left itself, is a small force that can be at most a nuisance - and sometimes even a force of good, as Banerjee was when she ended the endless hartals in the state, and released the Netaji files. It is better they remain limited to Bengal, and possibly a few small Northeastern states. The Congress is a dying force, desperately holding on to the coattails of whatever party it can convince to give it some meager space. And yet, the power of the Deep Congress to sustain itself makes it a very real possibility that the Congress can spring back unless they are denied every inch of space. The results in Bihar last year gave the Congress a bit of oxygen that we cannot afford. Their loss is a must.

As for the BJP, after the spectacular 2014 Lok Sabha elections, it has been a befuddling fall down. The party seemed ready to take the opposition space in the state, but suddenly that lost steam. It seems the BJP was hoping to get the TMC's cooperation in the Rajya Sabha, while sacrificing its local unit. That was a huge mistake, one that will cost them dearly this election. It goes to show that the BJP still suffers from an inferiority complex despite becoming India's biggest national party. For now, despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's well-attended rallies and attacks on Mamata Banerjee, the BJP has no chance in this election. Till it does, it is better that Bengal suffers more under the TMC. It is the punishment the state deserves for the continuous sin of communism. 

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