Sunday, April 3, 2016

IOTY15: Community and Media Awards

Community Awards
Best State of the Year 
For becoming the citadel of modern reforms in India. After the damaging excesses of Ashok Gehlot's administration, CM Scindia has come very far to make the state more efficient, reduce red tape, and improve the lives of people in one of India's most impoverished states. Rightly crowned the Rani of Reforms by Swarajya!

City of the Year 
For the world’s first fully solar-powered airport, perhaps a harbinger of the solar revolution that seems ready to take over the world. 

Media Awards
Best News Publication 
For their series on Top Lies Spread by Indian Media, playing the role of a true vanguard of the fourth estate and making Indian democracy stronger. The media in India is quite obviously subservient and a part of the Deep Congress, and thus needs as much scrutiny as any other arm of the state. By keeping a microscope over the media's nefarious activities, OpIndia has stood up for true journalistic excellence. 

Best News Channel 
Times Now 
For the NJAC debate. Despite the overall downward trajectory of the Indian media, some good things do happen, albeit rarely. The NJAC debate was one such, and it was done brilliantly. 

Best Movie 
Manjhi – The Mountain Man
For its retelling of a story of indomitable human spirit and love.

Best entertainment channel 
For the Pitchers series. For the first time, we've included an online channel in this category, and this shows the growing strength of this segment. Pitchers rightly captured the Indian entrepreneurship experience post-1991 and was an eye-opener for many. 

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