Sunday, April 3, 2016

IOTY15: Political Awards

Our annual awards to commemorate the best and worst of Indian politics. The winners for 2015 are...

Troublemaker of the Year 
Indian Mainstream Media
For open partisanship, lies, and obfuscations. Although the award is given collectively to the likes of NDTV, The Hindu, CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak, etc., it is particularly awarded jointly to Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV for his doctored interview with Baba Ramdev, and the Indian Express for their lies about school segregation in Gujarat. The Indian media has been descending into an abyss and no longer presents facts, but just opinions masquerading as unquestionable commandments. 

Politician of the Year 
Jay Panda, MP 
For his brave article on trimming the extraordinary and undemocratic powers of the Rajya Sabha, which has become a gateway for defeated and retired politicians to continue to milk an existence out of taxpayer money, and for the Deep Congress to continue to hold direct control over legislation despite their electoral defeat. Our MPs are rarely intellectuals who can make a good argument, and Jay Panda is known to be one of the very few.

Memorable Visit of the Year 
PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Dhaka to sign the Land Border Agreement 
For bringing an end to the saddest chapter in India's millenniums-long history, the Partition of India, and helping bring certainty to people who were trapped by political vacillations of their ancestors. Also for seeing the sagacity of dealing with Mamata Banerjee and the Assam BJP to make this agreement a reality and open new opportunities to benefit India's northeast.

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