Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why India needs #Trump2016

With the New York primaries ending and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton winning their respective contests, it can safely be said that the race is more than half way through for Trump, and very much done and dusted for Clinton. In Trump's case, his journey to the nomination seems certain in a contested convention unless the RNC can really bend the rules, and that seems highly unlikely after his near-sweep of New York. As for Clinton, nothing short of a miracle can stop her, and Bernie Bros' whining does not count as a miracle. Thus, the race is more or less over.

So we can now focus on the real race - the actual race between the two parties. From India's perspective, Hillary winning the White House would be a total catastrophe. It would be akin to Obama on steroids. The stunning reversal of ties, which blossomed under President Bush, stands as an example of just how anti-India the Democratic party leadership is. As SecState, Clinton undid the dehyphenation of India and Pakistan that India had worked so hard to achieve. That administration's gall in trying to appoint a Special Representative for Kashmir was the first nail in the coffin. Indeed, had Prime Minister Narendra Modi not won in 2014 and led a more pro-active foreign policy, US-India relations would've been at a low by now.

Make no mistake of it - President Hillary Clinton would work tirelessly to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan while lecturing India continuously about showing restraint on terrorism - all that while ISIS would be tearing the rest of the world apart. It would be no surprise if the 123 Agreement would be rescinded, as would India's NPT waiver. There would be extreme pressure to hand over the nuclear weapons as well. In their visceral desire to appease Pakistan, the Democrats under Hillary would be a nightmare for India.

Trump would be quite different. He is a businessman, and he does what's best for business. Yes, India would be forced to move up the value chain so that we can attract jobs on value and not cheap labor. That will be hard, but positive in the long run (Indian companies are already doing to that to an extent). On International politics, President Trump would virtually hand over Pakistan to India, as he has said he would in radio talk shows. Republicans are pragmatists and know how to use the situation to their benefit. They are thus able to see through Pakistani doublespeak, unlike the idealist Democrats who are easily fooled. Trump would also take a harder line on China, which would greatly take some pressure off of India from the new Asian hegemonic state.

Many liberals in India, who are idealists and have no clue as to how International politics works, have joined the American liberal media in deriding Trump. The truth is that a Democratic victory in November would be devastating for India, and our best bet is with Donald Trump. We need to see through the left-liberal mafia that exists in the US and has spun a huge web of propaganda against Trump (duly enabled by his own dumb statements, no doubt) and find our own interests. That is how real life works. 

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