Saturday, May 21, 2016

Still Riding High: #NaMoVijayDiwas

 May 16, 2014 will go down as a watershed day in Indian politics, the day when Narendra Modi led the BJP to its first ever Lok Sabha majority. For the Indian right, it was a moment when they could finally come out of the closet, when the vice-like grip of the illiberal Left was weakened, and a genuine ideological battle could be waged. Some say that we live in a post-ideological world, but on that day, it was ideology. Since then, much water has flown below the bridge.

For many, Modi has not been the miracle-maker that he was expected to be. He has chosen a steady path to reform as opposed to the fast-pace of PVN Rao, that other right-wing Prime Minister who stands tall today. In that respect, he is closer to a Vajpayee. But there is a clear method and vision, even if it is incremental. Modi has also been stymied by a recalcitrant Congress Party in the Rajya Sabha, where the entire logic of having the upper house has been wrecked.

On areas that are not legislative in nature, he has done quite well, with foreign policy being right on top. Because his leadership is strong, he can make bold moves such as his visit to Lahore, something that few PMs can think about doing without a massive backlash at home. And most importantly, he is sincere and ready to fight the long fights needed to bring India back to her ancient glory.

For the Indian right, it is necessary that we match Modi's actions with our own. Come 2019, all forces that are opposed to him and the right wing will unite. It will be the Mahabharat of all electoral battles, and everyone must join forces to ensure Modi has a second term, which is a must for India's progress. Till then though, we can sit back and know that Modi is guaranteed to be around for another three years, and there is much to be achieved in those years.

Harking back to that glorious day, let's hope to see many more.

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