Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Tale of Two Ruins


Produced By: Coldcut Productions, and others
Director: Geoffray Barbier
Starring: Ian Bouillion, Trager Galinsky, Shannon Hamm, Rob Morgan, and others
Pros: Strong storyline, well thought out screenplay, good speed
Cons: Bad acting
Rating: **** of 5 (4 of 5)

Another one from the Indie stable. I must say, this one is made by someone with actual training in the art of film-making, and it showed. Moreover, the director made a good attempt to mold a vague story into something concrete, and it was good, if not perfect (what is?). Early Light, very aptly named, tries to follow a true story from England of two boys who were sentenced at a young age for murder, as adults, and were released on parole with new identities.

What you read in newspapers is the story of how the bad guy get sent to jail. What you don't hear is what happens to them after that. In building the story, the director does not stick to black and white cliches - there are two stories, but they are not opposites, neither are they complementary, they are independent, and that makes the movie even more fascinating. The movie proceeds at a decent speed, not too fast to make you breathless, but not too slow as to bore you (as most Indies do). Character development if OK, and it largely depends on how much you want to know about the past of the two lead characters - in this case, a lack of that actually helped.

Unfortunately, the low point came with the bad acting. Now, given that the roles are difficult - to play people who have essentially scarred themselves for life is not easy - but a lot of was missing. The actors felt like placeholders, with the same expression on their faces. Iam Bouillion (Jon) did a little better than Trager Galinsky (Alex), but just barely, and that took the film down a notch, It's not in the same league as OzLand, but it is certainly worth a watch. (OTFS)

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