Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tryst with crime

Well, today is my birthday, and I've turned 25. At this age, you're expected to have seen some of the "real" world. Could I have asked for a better birthday present than to see just that? I leave home in the morning as usual, and returned in the evening, pumped up and ready to go to the gym, only to found that my window had been broken in. I run in to my room, and lo and behold, it's a mess! But in an odd way. Obviously, I first checked for my passport, my most valuable thing there, and then the electronics. All there, untouched. So what was missing? My gym bag (good riddance), some old shirts, and $2 in laundry change. Huh! Even my library book was right where I had left it.

So that's my first recent memory of being robbed... or of burglary, as the kind police officer pointed out, as the correct term as per some bureaucrat in Springfield. I've been robbed a few times before (I'm from India, after all), and given how crime-ridden Illinois is, I'm surprised I spent three years without being subject to any crime at all. I was angry at first, but now that I think about it, it was probably some homeless person who needed some clothes. All my valuable things are just where I had left them.

So, I'm not angry. But I am a little scared, because if I was at home at the fateful hour, the guy would probably have been armed. It is in fact, almost guaranteed that he was, and the way he did his 'job,' this was not the first time. At this point, I can understand Republicans more than ever, and I myself wish I had a gun for self-defense. If I decide to stay in this country long-term, I certainly intend to arm myself. I am not going to leave my personal safety at home to the police department, which has very capable officers but is understaffed and underfunded in any case, and led by a political class (in Illinois at least) that has completely capitulated in front of the Chicago gangs, failing in their attempt to break them up through Hope VI, and spreading the poison to the rest of the state in the process.

I don't keep a bucket list, but if a break-in is parting of growing up, I can check that off. In any case, I have a job to do, and the show must go on. 

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