Saturday, July 23, 2016

An Interesting Choice

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton introduced her running mate, Sen. Kaine from Virginia, today in Miami, thus setting the stage for next week's Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Sen. Kaine is certainly a centrist, especially compared to the more left wing positions that Clinton herself has been forced to assume to defeat Bernie Sander. But is a more centrist ticket the only reason she made the interesting choice of the rather unassuming Senator?

Often, one forgets that the Vice President is more than just waiting to become President, they are the first and most direct link between the Executive and the Legislature, in the VP's capacity as Chairman of the Senate. If her legislative plans are really as radical as we are to believe, she will need a lot of legislative capacity. In the Obama Presidency, the relationship between the two branches virtually collapsed, leading to gridlock and Obama using quasi-unconstitutional executive orders to get the job done. But you can't keep that up forever, which is why Sen. Kaine is a wise choice. It does seem that Mrs. Clinton is thinking ahead.

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