Monday, July 18, 2016

High Stakes

Today is the start of what promises to be a very exciting and difficult process to elect the next President of the US. Cleveland will be the stage for a historic RNC convention that will crown Donald Trump as the least likely candidate for the Republican ticket in a very long time. With him will be his chosen contestant for VP, Indiana Governor Mike Pence (upvote for the Midwest there!). Already, with a faction of the delegates raking up a storm on the first day over the rules, this Convention is living up to its promise of being very exciting.

Mike Pence is an interesting choice for VP - quite the opposite of Trump, a career politician, soft-spoke, and a well-known conservative, he brings in support from the so-called party Establishment. His experience in the legislature and executive are impressive for a candidate, but he does not bring in any new demographic for Trump. Clearly, his selection was meant to quell fires in the party, and he is depending on his own charisma to win the election.

After the RNC convention will be the DNC convention in Philadelphia, which promises to be equally exciting. Much more to look out for!

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