Sunday, July 10, 2016

Kashmir, the Indian State

It is that time again, when the Left-Liberal mafia will rail against each and everyone one of us the war against Islamist terrorism in Kashmir. Except, they will refuse to call it that. They will label it as a struggle against an occupation, a fight for human rights, a national struggle, and everything else possible. But not a part of the global Islamist project to further create more so-called Islamic states. Because, of course, there is no such project at all!

The killing of HuM "commander" and keyboard warrior, Burhan Wani, by the 19 Rashtriya Rifles, is a major achievement for the Indian Army fighting the Islamist terrorists in Kashmir, not simply because he was a high-profile catch, but because through his use of social media, he has built a power following that he had used to alert himself and his men against previous threats from the Army. This infiltration of a complex information network is what really stands out. Many anti-Modi-turned-anti-India "journalists" have been alarmed by the reaction to Wani's death in the Valley, where tends of thousands of sympathizers came out to mourn him, with the Indian Express going so far as to turn prominently display the picture of the funeral march on Facebook! This is silly, because the fallout from this was not just inevitable but obvious, and it has happened often in previous such events. Fear of a fallout should not stop the right act of fighting terrorists, for any hesitation to do so will be perceived as a weakness. You give an inch, they will demand a mile.

The Islamization of Kashmir is no surprise to anybody, in fact it is part of a trend that dates back to the very beginning of Islam. The trend is very clear: where Muslims are in a minority, call for equality, secularism, and human rights. The moment they hit a majority, the gloves are off:
The history of Kashmir follows just that. A land that was always part of the Indian subcontinent's history, stretching back thousands of years, and indeed, even its modern history, is now supposed to be an alien land. Kashmir is now supposed to be an Islamic state part of Central Asia. We are supposed to believe that Kashmir, being overwhelmingly Muslim, thanks to the genocide of its indigenous Hindu population, does not belong to a "Hindu" India. We lost Harappa and Mohenjodaro to the two-nation theory, we lost Taxila, Lahore, and Gandhara to the Islamization of South Asia, and now we're supposed to give up Kashmir too.

No, this is not some rant, this is a reflection of the actual, twisted logic that Islamist sympathizers use. I have peaceful friends that staunchly believe that once a place has a Muslim majority, it is quite OK to apply Islamic law to it, no matter how barbaric that is to everyone else (as long as there is still an 'everyone else', that is). I have a Kashmiri friend who calls Kashmir "my land" and wants India to get out, refusing to acknowledge that Kashmir ever was a part of India history. All this is cloaked up behind hackneyed Marxist ideas and presented in a very modern, Oxford-English outlook, but the kernel is as old as the conquest of Mecca itself.

This time is different, however. Despite the differences and challenges, the Indian state today is extremely powerful and effective at defending itself by military means. The world itself has changed, and Islamist terrorism, once seen as an effective means to fight Communism, today invites anger. And while the challenges will be many, and it may take much more than even 2,000 years for Kashmir to be truly Indian again, this fight is the good fight. The Islamist Project of Kashmir must fail, for the good of the entire world.


rohit gupta said...

In along sequence of events where Bhagat singh is being appropriated by the Communists, now Burhan wani is being compared to Bhagat singh as well. The famous work of Kalhana known as "Rajatarangini" an account of the history of kashmir never says Kashmir was not a part of India. But of course when demography changes various types of "alienation" rises. There was one Instance in modern history when Kashmir was an independent nation that is from Aug 1947 to Oct 1947 and we have seen the result of that. Just hope that Demographic time bombs in many states diffuse with time. By the way i think its time to use the Tibet model for integration in Kashmir. What do you think?

Sushobhan Sen said...

Ultimately, I think change in demographics is quite natural and has been happening since time immemorial. The issue is how to handle it, and I think it comes down to economics in the end. Surely a more prosperous country would've discouraged separatism, when people stand to lose more than they gain from secession? I squarely blame socialism for the demographic time bomb in so many states, and yet I believe that the underlying Indian culture is stronger and will prevail (so I'm optimistic).
As for Kashmir, 377 must surely go and demographics allowed to take their natural course. If the Kashmiris refuse, I don't see why they should be allowed into the rest of the country either. Kashmir is a huge drain on resources for what I feel is a net negative return, yet it must stay in the country.