Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Rest of the Story

FRAY (2012)

Produced By: Spork Productions, Code Red, and others
Director: Geoff Ryan
Starring: Bryan Kaplan, Marisa Costa, Catherine Johnson, Bob Olin, and others
Pros: Good story, good acting
Cons: Abrupt ending, slow
Rating: *** of 5 (3 of 5)

I admit, I haven't seen too many war movies. Not because I don't like them, but because I find the excessive focus on tactics takes away too much from strategy. However, Fray, another indie film in my continuing enamor of the genre, is not a war movie, rather, it's a post-war movie. By now, PTSD is a rather common term in the US, but the movie actually gives it a human side.

A human side to PTSD? What would that be? Turns out, a lot - the inability to get a job, the inability to continue studying, and of course, the constant pointlessness that is civilian life, Fray has it all. Starring Bryan Kaplan, who put up an excellent show that went well beyond what is expected from an Indie, the movie also features a good story, but, in what seems to be a continuing problem with the genre, ends quite abruptly, doing no justice to the story at all. Moreover, far from the fast pace of a war movie, I found Fray to be a tad too slow, with stuff happening in bursts and an excess of filler in between.

Not the best movie for a weekend, but worth a try. (OTFS)

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