Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The War on Arnab Goswami

There is a certain thing that I envy in the Left-Liberal mafia: their ability to act as a collective, and their war-like division of labor and goals, with each event becoming a launching pad for a well-calculated move to achieve a larger objective. In the last few years, Times Now, headquartered in Mumbai, far away from the Lutyen's media (for which TN Chief Arnab Goswami has often expressed derision), has been the cause of much angst, for his run away TRPs and the lack of a pliant political leadership to assist the Deep Congress have severely dented their balance sheets. Retrenchments at the former CNN-IBN and the halving of NDTV Profit point to that effect, although there is much more if one looks at the quality of actual reporting.

However, as we have learned after 2014, the Deep Congress does not give up without a fight. And the Islamist terrorism in Kashmir following the defeat and killing of HuM 'Commander' Burhan Wani has presented the perfect opportunity for the Left-Liberal War Machine to try to poke another hole in Arnab Goswami's castle (who is neither Left not Right wing, but a journalist with an excellent business acumen). Now, we're being told that it is Times Now, not Islamist terrorism, that is a danger to Kashmir. That's right, an English news channel that, despite all the noise, barely reaches a minuscule fraction of the large country, is responsible for all those stone-pelting teenagers and even children!

I should add here that Times Now is shorthand for the larger right-wing media, which is slowly but steadily rising in a country that is becoming increasingly angry at the blatant self-serving anti-nationalism of the Left. Indeed, one interesting poll in UP shows that the Lutyen's elite's assault on the Modi government is starting to fire back at them.
Previously, we had seen loud clamor by some in the Deep Congress to bring in some form of Section 66A of the IT Act (declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court) to control what they call online trolling, which can be ugly at times, but is largely composed of ordinary people asking tough questions to the elite, something that they are not used to. Maneka Gandhi has even created a superfluous helpline for women being trolled (a double-edged sword). Eventually, we might even see a bid to quell Times Now, especially if the Congress party's electoral fortunes improve, thus emboldening the Deep Congress.

The lesson to remember for the Right wing is: all talk of freedom of speech and expression is bunkum. Freedom is only for the powerful Lutyen's elite, the common man has to live by their edicts. And if the latter fight back, an entire ecosystem will be activated to shame them. Similar to how the caste system once policed itself, the Deep Congress aims to shame us into policing ourselves, while they go unaccountable as always. The question is: will they?

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