Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Spectacular Self-Goal

Republic Presidential Nominee Donald Trump's outburst over the last few days of Khizr Khan, father of late Capt. Humayun Khan, who died fighting in Iraq, is perhaps the most spectacular self-goal so far by the candidate in a race that is already packed against him by virtue of the liberal stranglehold over the media. Indeed, this goes beyond anything that Mr. Trump has done so far to induce outrage from his own party ranks, including that forgettable time when he attacked John McCain. The tragedy of it all is that this should've been a cakewalk for Mr. Trump.

Consider this: Hillary Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq war, something that has kept the US in the region to this day. Capt. Khan died in a war authorized by her, on spurious intelligence that didn't match up to the facts later. Like so many others, Mrs. Clinton's trigger-happy foreign policy led to an unnecessary and sad death of a proud soldier. But somehow, all this escaped Trump's attention, and instead he chose to attack the late soldier's faith and his mother. While it is commendable that Mr. Trump is looking to break away from the political correctness that stifles logic, there is no need to sacrifice decency at the altar of a campaign. And not only is it unnecessary - it is potentially damaging as well.

What Mr. Trump needs immediately are two things: a good, political adviser to guide his campaign strategy, and the willingness to listen to such an adviser. Arguably, his running mate Gov. Mike Pence could be that adviser, but Mr. Trump has to listen to him. Basically, he has to learn to listen to other people and not just act on instinct. It might have worked in the primaries, but this is a different ball game. Mr. Trump has rightly called out the dangers of an HRC Presidency. If he wants to avoid it, he needs to take this seriously and stop gifting the Democrats victories. On Capt. Khan and his family, Donald Trump is unequivocally wrong. 

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